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WHAT'S INCLUDED in Title Search 
Narrative with attachments

1.Property Ownership Evidence of 

Assessors  Parcel Record- Including,
Legal Description
Assessed Valuation 
Property details. Year built, square footage

Tax Record including any past due amounts.

                      *Mortgages in         Judical States
                   *Deeds of Trust      Non Judical States 
Involuntary Liens
Homeowners Association, Tax Liens, Judgments,Mechanics Liens,
Any Types of Liens that may affect clear title to subject property
6.Federal Bankruptcy Search- 
Most Other Title Search services DO NOT include this
Without Warning
A sale can be Cancelled/Reversed if Bankruptcy was just filed prior to sale.

7 Comp Sales Report
Recent Sales by Date and $per square foot Comparison



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This is  a cost effective 
"Preliminary Title Research Report"
to confirm what is Recorded in the public records
In the unlikely event that a document has been submitted to the County or Federal Courts  with incorrect spelling for recording, and does not appear in their records, with the correct spelling no liability is assumed.

On Mortgages or Deeds of Trust that remain open without a satisfaction or Reconveyance, It is the purchaser's responsibility to get payoff information from Lender.
On Oil & Gas Leases associated with the property it is the purchaser's responsibility to verify with the Lessee and Lessor the status of the lease and how it may affect your proposed interest

Re title Search

The Report is Not an opinion of Title, 
Title Insurance, or Legal advice

This is a non insured preliminary initial search of recorded records,
to Determine Ownership, and what Liens on a residential property are recorded in the current public records. 
It Includes Bankruptcy Search of the Current Owner in Federal Records

If a potential purchaser wants Title Insurance, 
the Title Insurer will conduct their own search before closing.


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